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Bioneedle - biodegradable mini implants containing thermostable vaccines
We are a Biotech Research, Development and Production company based in the Netherlands.

We are dedicated to revolutionize the way vaccines are administered today. The dedication of our work should lead to reach the most vulnerable people in the world, with live saving vaccines. We are taking the required steps in the development of our vaccination technology and are now preparing to enter into clinical trials. We believe in a world where it is no longer necessary to consume energy for protecting vaccines in an uninterrupted cold chain. We believe in a world without any contaminated waste, preventing needle stick injuries and eliminating infections with Hepatitis B, C or Aids. We believe in a world where children are vaccinated, pain free. We believe in a world where vaccination campaigns are easier, more effective with limited transport and logistical efforts. Radically changing the landscape of vaccine administration is far from easy, but we are committed to get closer each day, to reach the ultimate goal of creating true Universal Vaccination Access

  • No cold chain
  • No contaminated waste
  • Pain free application
  • Limited Logistics

No cold chain. No contaminated waste. Ease and Speed of use.

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