Originally, the concept of the Bioneedle technology was developed as a practical vaccination technique for veterinary use. Following an informal request from the World Health Organization, the further development of Bioneedle was adjusted and focused on human use, in particular in regular vaccination programs around the globe.

Since then, stability and efficacy have been successfully demonstrated in preclinical trials with 4 out of the 10 vaccines most widely used in humans. In addition, safety and tolerability in humans were confirmed in a clinical trial with empty Bioneedles in healthy volunteers. These studies are the scientific basis of the Bioneedle technology.

Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, Bioneedle Drug Delivery is also focusing on combining new Corona vaccines with Bioneedles. 

Bioneedle Drug Delivery is located at the Leiden Bio Science Park, a thriving live sciences environment in the heart of the science and technology delta in the Western part of The Netherlands. Bioneedle Drug Delivery is dedicated to further developing its technology through clinical studies and bringing vaccine pre-filled Bioneedles to the market in the next few years. In addition, Bioneedle Drug Delivery will make clinical degree Bioneedles available to third parties for R&D of new vaccines formulations, and for designing playbooks for Rapid Vaccination Campaigns.